FOX Biloxi – American Gaming Association Cracking Down on Illegal Gambling

Video | July 21st, 2016

Illegal gambling is a multi – billion dollar industry. Today in Biloxi the president and CEO of the American Gaming Association addressed attorney generals from around the US on how they can stop it. Stop Illegal Gambling—Play It Safe, is an initiative put forth by the AGA. They’re partnering with law enforcement and public officials to protect consumers, communities and the vital public services that depend on tax revenue.

The state and the gaming industry are missing out on billions earned by illegal gambling enterprises. Geoff Freeman, president/CEO- American Gaming Association – “The fact is that the billions of dollars that go into illegal gambling are dollars that are not going into the legal casino business. They’re dollars that aren’t going into public safety, to education, to healthcare. It’s critical that we get rid of these enterprises and drive any casino gaming that takes place to the legal, regulated industry. This isn’t a victimless crime. This is an area where these proceeds from illegal gambling are going to fund illegal activities.

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