Arrests, seizures during game room raids

News | April 29th, 2016

April 29, 2016


Multiple arrests were made after investigators with the San Patricio County Sheriff’s Office raided several game rooms.

On Thursday night, deputies raided a game room in Taft, another in St. Paul, and one between Sinton and Odem.

Sheriff Leroy Moody says the bust is the result of months of undercover work. He says, during that time, investigators discovered the rooms were making illegal payouts. Moody says customers are being paid with silver beads, which they redeem for cash.

As of Friday afternoon, Sheriff Moody says he’s not sure how much money was seized in the raid.  However, 29 people were arrested and 86 people were cited for illegal gambling.

Deputies seized 8-liner machines and other equipment from each game room. According to Sheriff Moody, the businesses were not paying out cash to winners, instead they were given silver beads which could be exchanged for cash.

“The law is that it’s illegal. iI it’s illegal then we’re not going to let it happen. \We had them all shut down and everybody gone and then all of the sudden here they come back again and they had dreamed up a new way to do it and we think it’s wrong,” says Moody.

Sheriff Moody says it will be up to the district attorney’s office to decide if a grand jury will hear any of these cases.

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