Fox News Rio Grande Valley – 123 Illegal Gambling Machines Seized; 15 Face Charges

News | March 16th, 2017

March 16, 2017

McAllen (KFXV) —More than a dozen people are in police custody tonight after officials raided the gaming establishment they were operating, this afternoon.

Eight vehicles, 123 gambling machines and cash, drugs and weapons were seized from the premises of the illegally operated business located on Dicker Road and 23rd Streets south of the city of McAllen.

15 establishment employees were also detained.

The operation took place at approximately 3 o’clock today, but it took investigators several hours to finish processing the scene.

At least five weapons were confirmed to be seized as well as a small amount of cocaine.

Police have not confirmed the amount of money that was confiscated.

The 70 patrons inside the establishment at the moment of the raid, were identified and released.

Officials tell us eight-liner businesses continue to be a target for them.

The 15 individuals are expected to face charges tomorrow.

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