KBTX (Texas) – Hearne Police: Multiple illegal gambling operations discovered in the city

News | December 10th, 2016

HEARNE, Tex. (KBTX) – After an investigation that started several weeks ago, Friday night, Hearne Police say they found evidence of illegal gambling at three different businesses in the city.

They searched In and Out Store (101 N. Market), Handi Stop (606 S. Market) and Game Room (304 W. Brown).

Authorities say they found about 75 gaming machines, several thousand dollars and other evidence of illegal gambling operations.

No arrests were made, but police say warrants will be sought for the owners of each business.

Authorities say those warrants could be for any of all of these violations: “keeping a gambling place”, “possession of gambling devices”, “gambling” and “gambling promotion”.

Hempstead Police and DPS helped Hearne Police with the investigation.

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