KMOO 99.9 (Texas) – Sheriff issues letter to businesses regarding illegal game rooms

News | February 16th, 2017

February 16, 2017

The Wood County Sheriff’s Office is investigating complaints that illegal gaming is occurring at locations within the county.

Sheriff Tom Castloo has issued a letter to business owners stating that gambling, promoting gambling, possession of a gambling devices and keeping a gambling place is illegal in Texas. The Sheriff has asked all business owners to comply with the law by March 7th.

Sheriff Castloo says his office prefers voluntary compliance with the law and requests that businesses remove and machines from their premises that are in violation of the law. Failure to remove the devises will prompt an investigation. This will include the operation of game rooms that advertise to be ‘sweepstakes’ games. Sheriff Castloo says recent conversations with businesses and individuals have demonstrated that these may be illegal gambling rooms or illegal lotteries.

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